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Learn How to Paint Abstract Art

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Why Learn From Me?

Well let me introduce myself, I'm Andy Morris and I'm a self taught artist. I've been painting and selling my creations for over 15 years. During this time, I've worked with numerous designers and clients, on projects small and large. My paintings can be found in collections both private & corporate across the USA and in Canada, England, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, including 52 commissioned pieces for the Omni Hotel here in Dallas, Tx.

Currently I'm teaching over 6000 students from around the world, and for that I'm tremendously grateful. I always strive to make the learning experience Fun, as well as informative. Sharing my knowledge and skills with others brings me great Joy!

  • You'll be learning from a seasoned Pro that has sold over 300 paintings
  • You're friends and family will be impressed with the paintings you create
  • You'll have a lot of Fun while Learning New Skills
  • These Popular Designs I'll teach you to paint, you can easily sell, if you want to

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