Andy Morris

Unique Style of Painting

Bold abstract art to decorate your walls

With an often primitive style I create my art from both external and internal inspiration. I seldom know beforehand just exactly what I'll create when I begin.
My Better Than Commission Gigs are a popular way to get the art you want at a fraction of the cost. Just ask me about it for full details.
I began my artistic journey at the age of 5 when my best friend brought me a gift after I came home from the hospital. It was a Finger Painting Set, and I took to it like a fish to water. From thast day forward I knew I was going to be an artist.
My professional career began about 20 yrs. ago when I started taking classes from local artists. Soon I was getting into shows, selling a few paintings, winning a couple of awards and networking with the local art community.
Then in 2011 I was selected as one among many to participate in the Omni Hotel Art Project. Now 52 of my original abstract paintings hang in the suites and hallways of the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas.
In 2014 after the millioneth person asked me "how'd ya do that?" I decided to show them. So I started building courses to teach others my unique techniques. You can learn more about my courses below.

Andy Morris Teaches Abstract Painting

Come join me in my studio and learn my secrets to creating popular abstract designs - 2 Ways to Learn!

Get in tough with your creative side! Join me in my studio, via video demo lessons hosted on the world's number 1 learning platform; Udemy!
Satisfaction gauranteed. You'll learn exactly how I create some of my most popular designs watching over the shoulder video lessons where I break everything done into easy to learn steps.
Are you needing a Commissioned Painting, something to go with the decor you already have?
With my Better Than Commission Gig, you'll get exactly what you need.
It's simple, you bring your ideas, swatches, and pics to my studio... I supply everything else, paints, canvas, tools. Under my tutorage together we'll create your masterpiece!
Best part is, it will be your signature on the bottom, when you're finished!
Just imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family when you unveil your masterpiece!