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Adding Depth to Your Abstract Paintings

You can and should add depth to your abstract paintings using the same principles and strategies employed by more realistic painters and photographers. Even if you’re painting Non-objective Abstracts every shape, every line, each Element can be manipulated to come forward or recede on the picture plane, and there are three basic ways to achieve…

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You’re Very Talented

There’s no shortcut to talent. Talent is the direct result of studying and practicing a lot. No one is really born talented. Oh I’m sure genetics plays a role in our successes, but even someone born with an inclination towards pursuing a specific subject, must cultivate themselves through effort and struggle. Talent is the direct…

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Keep Creativity Alive

It can be your greatest challenge at times to keep your creative juices flowing. I found an interesting article on this subject, here’s an excerpt; “According to neuroscience research, novelty activates specific brain systems, foremost among them the dopamine system which makes you feel happy. So, when you perform the same routine every day, your…

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