Choosing a Palette

As abstract painters one of our most important tasks is choosing a palette. Now Full Disclosure, I often let my Intuition take over here and just grab whatever color comes to mind. If I don’t like it, I can change it, but doing it that way leads me into discoveries I would otherwise miss. That “Playful Exploration of Unlimited Possibilities” is quite fruitful, but I digress as it is another subject for another time. Right now let’s focus on choosing a palette intentionally.

When I select colors to use in my next creation, I seldom use a Color Wheel any more, but I did when I was first starting out and if you’re a beginner, I suggest you do also, and you can find one in my shop. Books & Supplies under the tab Tools I Use. *note when you purchase items from my shop I do receive a small commission this doesn’t effect the price but helps me keep the lights on, thank you for your patronage

There’s two sides to this color wheel and on one side it guides you through the selection of colors depending on the style of palette you intend to use. My favorite choice is what’s called a “Triad” of Colors and basically that’s colors found 1/3rd the way around the color wheel from each other. The Primary Triad is Red, Blue, & Yellow.

From my experience using a Triad of the 3 Primary Colors (plus black and white) almost always produces great results. It’s a very safe way to start your abstract paintings. Of course it’s fun to explore other options and find new exciting palettes to use. You may even end up with a triad of your favorite colors, as I have.

I know many of you are not knew to any of this and this article was written primarily for the beginning student, but if you are more experienced I’d like for you to share with us your own “Favorite Palette” it will be Fun to see what choices everyone makes.

Like I said I have my own Favorite Triad and if your curious, you can find out which colors are in it… here “My Favorite Palette”

So share your own faves below or in on the Facebook page and let’s see who’s got the craziest combination!

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