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Gimp 2.8 is a powerful Free Open Source raster graphics editor that in my opinion rivals Photo Shop Elements, and did I mention it’s Free!

I just recently downloaded it, no problems installing or anything, and no unwanted tagalongs like most free downloads. So far I love it!

Plenty of Tutorials on YouTube so the learning curve isn’t too steep even if you’re new to photo editing, and for those of you that have had experience with editors like Photo Shop, many of the Tools are the same or similar (a few are not).

For my self I think Gimp 2.8 has most all the features and tools I’ll need and more, since I’ll be using it for the most basic stuff like adjusting the colors, contrast and brightness of images of my art work. Or maybe dropping a painting into a stock photo, and it seems more than adequate for those tasks.

So if you’re looking for a FREE alternative to Photoshop I recommend Gimp 2.8 you can find that download here and I put together a Playlist of Gimp Tutorials that will help you get started. Have Fun! And be sure to let me know how you like it

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  • Ann

    Reply Reply September 13, 2019

    This sounds great; will try soon! Thanks!

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