Getting Texture

Today we’re going to be talking about texture and different ways you can get that in your paintings. One way you can get texture in your paintings is by using collage elements like Rice Papers that have a lot of fibers in them. Another way is to use Zerox Copies of materials that have fibers in them. You can also add some colored pencil work, so this can go into a painting.

Another way is you can use stencils. You can use actual Stencils or I sometimes  use decorative elements you find in places like Home Depot and other hardware stores, like screens and such, anything can be used as a stencil really. You can just spray some Ink that’s just thinned out a little bit through the “stencil”.

You find these spray bottles at Beauty Supply Stores. So when we put a pattern up there and then spray into it we get a textured pattern on the canvas. Another way you can get texture in your paintings is by scraping paint across the canvas and letting the paint break, creating texture. Another way you can get texture is with Combs  and you pick them up at Dollar Store for about a dollar  and they make some interesting marks when you have wet paint on there particularly thru thick paint and sometimes if the paint’s thick enough you can get them to continue the marks on down, across the canvas.

Now another way to get texture when you have some fairly thin paint, if you have thick paint this doesn’t work. but when you have some fairly thin paint  you can use Plastic Wrap, just lay it across the wet paint and let it dry then peel it off.

I just take a piece of Plastic Wrap and I lay that into my painting  and the plastic wrap is going to create some random marks and lines as the paint dries underneath there you’d leave this on there until it’s dry. Another way to do it though and get some texture also is to take some plastic wrap  put it into wet paint pick up that wet paint and then move it to another part of the canvas. So you’re kind of using the plastic wrap as a stamp. You can do that a few times  and each time it’s going to make less of a mark than the time before. Yet another way that you can get  texture is you can just paint some thinned out paint, again thick paint doesn’t work as well with these techniques put some thinned out paint on it, and then you just stamp it on to your canvas or paper.

There are lots of other ways you can create texture and I’ll be showing you more of those in later videosI hope you enjoyed this article, until next time Happy Painting! Check out the Youtube Video where I demonstrate these techniques. “Adding Texture”

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    This is great info – thank you so much!

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