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Painting Just for Fun

Are you having fun creating your abstract paintings?

I believe that’s the very most important thing. Seriously, what’s the point in being an artist if it’s not fun?

Everything else, the learning of design principles, and processes and techniques, should all be contributing to you’re increased pleasure. My point being that as you learn how to create better, more aesthetically  pleasing compositions and learn how to master your tools, you should feel even more Joy in creating your work.

It’s true for all of us that there will be times when we just don’t feel like painting, or we get stuck in a piece that just won’t cooperate. So the struggle is real and a vital part of being a creative soul…

But if you ever get to a point where it’s drudgery or boring or uninteresting then stop! And take a detour. Grab some art supplies, glue, papers, paints, buckets, brushes, anything and everything, and just start creating for pure Fun, with zero regard for the outcome. Don’t even try to complete a piece, just Play With Your Paints, like you haven’t a care in the world. Like a little child.

Let Go completely of any desire to make a great painting, or a painting that will sell, and pretend you’re 5 yrs. old again. let Your little Kid Out!

Play with your paints, and markers, maybe even glue some papers down, but focus on having a great time.

I use to do this regularly, and then I started worrying about whether the painting would sell or not. That worrying inhibits our creative juices from flowing. When we paint for the audience, we’re no longer painting for ourselves, and our innate creativity gets stifled.

It’s a very common especially when one starts getting some attention, perhaps even selling a few paintings. There’s a natural drive in most of us to do better which each new creation, and my only concern is that you don’t lose sight of why you began this journey. Most likely it was for recreation, to have Fun, and maybe as an active way to relax. Personally in the beginning I found painting to be very therapeutic, similar to mediation. Have you also found abstract painting to be relaxing?

Here’s a great video i found on Youtube demonstrating the Principle of Fun First from Cyndi Cesare … if you like it, be sure to give it a thumbs up.


Go ahead and try some of these suggestions and then tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Demo – Painting Just For Fun

Sometimes You just Paint for Fun!

Here I’m revisiting a very playful, childlike way of mark making. Doing paintings like this might never win me an award, but it sure is Fun!


Featured Artist

Jill Adams is this week’s featured artist, with this wonderful abstract piece, done in a vertical theme. Congratulations Jill, outstanding job.

I love the way she took my very basic demonstrations and put her own spin on it. It’s very true that I learn as much from you guys as you learn from me. Thanks for showing us another new possibility for the Vertical Theme composition.

Painting by Jill Adams


News From You!

Hazel Saville’s painting about the flooding has been accepted at a large MOMA in Mid Wales- it’s for the summer exhibition starting this weekend and continuing until the end of August. It portrays the story of the flooding of a sunken land that occupies large tracts of the sea near here (In Cardigan Bay).. It’s known as the Welsh Atlantis! Congradulations Hazel!

“The flooding of Cantre’r Gwaelod” – 36 x 24” acrylics on GR stretched canvas.

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Creative Challenge #4 – Painting Just For Fun

This week’s Creative Challenge is All About Having a Great Time Painting.

Anything goes as long as you truly had a blast while creating it. So let yourself go wild! and just have Fun. I look forward to seeing what crazy stuff you come up with.

Then send them to me at Please put “Creative Challenge #4” in the subject line, or it might get lost. One Lucky Winner will be Drawn (by a computer program – ) and Receive a Free Coupon to my Next Course that’s coming soon.

Best of Luck to Everyone! Need a Little Help Getting Started?  – Check out this video from Raeart – I love to watch this guy paint.


Winner of Last Week’s Creative Challenge Drawing

Dolf DeRovira is last week’s lucky winner of the creative challenge drawing.

Congratulations Dolf! You’ll be receiving a Free Coupon to the Next Course in your inbox, just as soon as the course is ready.

If you’d like a chance to win a Free Coupon to the Next Course, complete this week’s challenge and email me the photos at  be sure to put “Creative Challenge #4” in the subject line.

And remember this is a Random Drawing so every entry has the same chance of winning.

Here’s the painting that Dolf submitted for last week’s challenge and below that a description of his process.

Painting by Dolf DeRovira

Dolf writes “I approached this one as usual. Laid some white mixed with Liquitex flow medium. Then using various paints and cheap paint scrapers made random strokes. Then I used a brush to tweak out patterns. In this case I saw that things were pretty rectangular so I went with it. Added many cooler colors with a hint of some warm and topped it off as I like to do with some black highlights and then white ones.”

Gallery of all the entries in last week’s creative challenge


That’s it for this week’s newsletter. If you have any comments just leave them below.. Until next time, Happy painting! Andy Morris

What are your thoughts?

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  • Jillian Cheshire

    Reply Reply November 8, 2018

    Thank you for the newsletter, it’s really fabulous. I loved the Utube video. The best and most unexpected part of the Andy Morris Udemy courses is the sense of creative community. I feel like I belong, I’m not alone in my studio.

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