You Need a Website!

i-shed-my-blood-for-theeEvery Artist Needs a Website, Right? Not so fast. Let’s look at a few alternatives to a self hosted website.

First you have sites like which offers a Free Plan that seems pretty good. You’ll need to read through the TOS (terms of service) before you sign up. I think you’ll be able to sell prints and maybe even your originals from there, but it’s been years since I was active and they may have changed things since then.

Other possibilities include Free Options like;

As well as many others. Personally if I was just getting started, I’d probably use 2 of these, Facebook and Pinterest. I’d create a Facebook Page just for my art, and I’d create a Pinterest Account, and create Boards there for my Art work, keeping in mind Pinterest is all about relationships and community sharing so I’d also make boards of other artists stuff like “Paintings of Kitties” “Abstract Landscapes” so on. That way you’re not just promoting your own work but others that you admire, soon as you start following and repinning other people’s art they’ll do the same for you and everyone will reach more people.

That’s the strategy I’d recommend, unless you just really want your own website, which I understand but it can be expensive, however I found a good Website Host that’s only about $50/yr. They’re called “A Small Orange” and they have plans starting at less than $3/mo. so check them out

Unique web hosting & 365/24/7 friendly support. Shared plans start at under $3 a month.

*note, I do receive a small commission if you sign up with them

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