Andy Morris

I’m Andy, always have been … always will be. And I’m a Creator of Stuff. Like Paintings and Collages, On-line Courses, Signature Cocktails, and most recently Hand Drawn Mandalas.

My favorite color depends on the mood I’m in, sometimes it’s bubble-gum pink, other times bright yellow-green, and occasionally it’s light blue haze.

I Love Kitty-Cats, Classic Rock, and I’m a Pluviophile, there it is, I said it … I love the Rain!

All my life I’ve doodled, drawn, and colored, and made my marks wherever I could. One time while aboard the USS Lyde McCormick I painted a 20 foot tall Naked Woman on the port side of the ship. It wasn’t there long before the captain made me paint over it. I wish I had gotten a picture first.

I’m a little wacky, and unconventional and my art reflects that. So some people love my work and some people just don’t know great art when they see it.

I’ve won one award and been in many juried shows as well as invitationals. I’ve worked with local designers in the past and was selected as one of the featured artists for the Omni Hotel Art Project in Dallas, Tx.

I’m very excited about my latest creative adventure; Mandala Coloring Books. The process of creating these mandalas has a therapeutic effect much like coloring them in does.

That’s about it for now. Look around, enjoy my stuff, and take care.